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Social Sharing and Content Splooging

Yes this blog does still exist, I was surprised too. I could blame a few things for my inability to scribble out 700 words of incoherent nonsense once a week, I could lay the blame at the tiny feet of… Continue Reading →

Becoming a Dad

So it’s been a while Mr blog… Partly due to my absurd endeavour to split my one relatively enjoyable blog into four separate blogs, which I have now realised was a stupid idea. Mainly though my absence can be explained… Continue Reading →

Virgin Television and My Filthy Internet Speeds

A bit of a long title and one that should clue you in quite well to topics to be addressed in this blog post. We’ll start like every good sacrifice does, with Virgin. This week saw me finally break the… Continue Reading →

Man Reviews: Imperium

Imperium otherwise known as Harry Potter and the Order of the White Supremacists, centres on Nate Foster (Daniel Radcliffe) and his plans to infiltrate Voldemort’s new clan of death eaters whose hatred of muggles is outshone only by their hatred of… Continue Reading →

Disaster On World Book Day

Last week saw every parent’s least favourite non-holiday. World book day, a day where children are forced to attend school dressed as characters loosely related to literature. The only reason I’m aware this was last week is that on my… Continue Reading →

Man Reviews Wrestling – WWE Fastlane

I was contemplating waiting until Wrestlemania to start my WWE weekly updates but after watching Fastlane, there was plenty to talk about. I’ll start by stating that although I know more about wrestling than the standard fan, I’m in no way… Continue Reading →

Let’s Play Civ 6 – Day 2: Cedric the Explorer

After a brief period of mourning I have decided to change the aims and goals of my civilisation campaign. My previous intention had been to conquer with kindness. Spread my culture far and wide and slowly convert everyone to the… Continue Reading →

Man Reviews: Split

Troubled Kevin (McAvoy) plays a man suffering from split personality disorder who kidnaps three young girls from  the worlds most tedious looking birthday party before having a change of personality and seeking help from his oddly laid back therapist, Dr. Fletcher… Continue Reading →

Man Reviews – Spec Ops: The Line

A game so heavily soaked in the ejaculate of games critics it jams your disk tray (assuming you have one). Spec Ops: The Line was a bit of a Susan Boyle of a game, it’s hard to tell if it’s… Continue Reading →

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