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1 Year a Dad

Friday’s post was the first of a two parter regarding my experience at 4YFN / MWC, but the second part is going to have to wait a little while, as Saturday was my daughters first birthday it seems only right… Continue Reading →

4YFN / MWC – Part 1

Recently I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to travel to Barcelona as an exhibitor at the 4YFN (four years from now) and MWC (Mobile World Congress) trade shows as part of my real job. I was unfortunate enough… Continue Reading →

An annoying 10 months

Now that I’m back and blogging far too regularly for most people to politely take an interest, I figured the best way to catch up and get back on the horse is to dedicate this article to 5 random things that… Continue Reading →


After a brief interlude of 10 months, I have returned to complain some more! (Please, hold the applause until the end). I could blame my prolonged absence on the stresses of being a new father, or on how busy I… Continue Reading →

Social Sharing and Content Splooging

Yes this blog does still exist, I was surprised too. I could blame a few things for my inability to scribble out 700 words of incoherent nonsense once a week, I could lay the blame at the tiny feet of… Continue Reading →

Becoming a Dad

So it’s been a while Mr blog… Partly due to my absurd endeavour to split my one relatively enjoyable blog into four separate blogs, which I have now realised was a stupid idea. Mainly though my absence can be explained… Continue Reading →

Virgin Television and My Filthy Internet Speeds

A bit of a long title and one that should clue you in quite well to topics to be addressed in this blog post. We’ll start like every good sacrifice does, with Virgin. This week saw me finally break the… Continue Reading →

Donald Trump and the Del-Ray Hallows

I was certain today’s blog post would be about my trip to Birmingham last night to watch a not so well known punk cover band ‘Me First and The Gimme Gimme’s’ and although I probably will end up writing about… Continue Reading →

That’s Mildly Annoying

It occurred to me last night, that although I had written a previous blog post about the things that make me enter a seething rage. I have yet to cover the much more common ‘things that make me mildly irritated’…. Continue Reading →

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