Imperium otherwise known as Harry Potter and the Order of the White Supremacists, centres on Nate Foster (Daniel Radcliffe) and his plans to infiltrate Voldemort’s new clan of death eaters whose hatred of muggles is outshone only by their hatred of non-whites.

All Harry Potter jokes aside (there will be more) Harry Potter and the Deathly Heils’ (told you) was at times a gritty well paced homage to previous attempts at portraying the alt-right, most significantly American History X. At other times it was a tedious slog through the standard cop drama tropes as Radcliffe’s character risks detection for not being able to hate Mexicans and Muslims enough, making him unsuitable for both his white supremacist organisation and a Trump presidency FBI.

[star rating=”3.5″]

My personal opinion was that Harry Potter and The Deniers of Auschwitz built up a strong pacing but then forgot about it and just decided to end on the least provocative climax it could possibly comprehend. It seems to be a common criticism of gritty modern television that too many main characters are killed off or horribly scarred physically or mentally. Imperium seemed to take the opposite approach to this, for a film involving an undercover FBI agent in a volatile racist terrorism plot there was very rarely any form of danger for the protagonist, or anyone else for that matter.

I think we were subjected to more scenes of relaxing classical music than action sequences, which in itself isn’t a bad thing, I don’t want to come across as low brow citing a lack of punchy stab ouch ouch as my main critique of the film, but there were so many opportunities for more interesting conflict resolutions throughout the film all of which seemed intentionally ignored.

My other gripe with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Bigots was the lack of closure of any kind from the majority of the films characters. Without spoiling the plot too much the majority of the characters just disappear throughout the film. I would expect a few smaller characters like NAME the enforcer to slip through the cracks, but if you do decide to watch this film, play a little game and see if you can guess what scene is the last scene you’ll see a particular character. My guess is you’ll be wrong quite a bit.

Overall though I enjoyed the film. It does give a bit of a ‘racism is bad’ preachy vibe, which despite being obviously the correct route, does feel a tad predictable. I would have preferred a greyer line with Radcliffe’s character slowly believing the doctrine that he was being forced to consume and even though the latter half of the film does make an attempt at this, it falls a little flat with Nate unable to comprehend the motivations of his fellow skinheads no matter how many times they quote Hitler.

I score the film a 7 out of 10, the film was clever in places and enjoyable throughout, but the movies posters and trailers gave the vibe of an edgier, more gritty film complete. That and they completely overlooked the fact that Harry was a wizard. There were barely any magical jousts throughout the entire film and nobody even bothered to offer an excuse for why Harry wasn’t at Hogwarts.

Thanks for reading the article, here’s a few Harry Potter puns that didn’t quite make the cut:

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