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Chavs and Chavnots

I was at a bit of a loss of what to write about this morning. Then a man in a business suit cleared his throat all over my shoe and a subject matter was born! Quick disclaimer, I feel like… Continue Reading →

The Supermarket Class System

It seems that every step I take towards becoming middle class I’m forced to take two steps back. I came to the stark realisation yesterday that I have been priced out of Sainsbury’s… Sainsbury’s! Not Waitrose or Marks & Spencer’s… Continue Reading →

Things you should be scared of

Yesterday I read a news article (from the internet, so entire bottle of salt needed) that claimed after interviewing a large number of 18-21 year olds. The greatest fear of the next generation was ‘never finding love’… Now i’m not… Continue Reading →

Second World Problems / Ethiopian Airlines – Pt2

So here we are again, the sequel. Can it live up to the shockingly low expectations set by its predecessor? Probably not. Following on from where we left off. After being almost crushed to death by suitcases masquerading as carry… Continue Reading →

Second World Problems / Ethiopian Airlines – Pt1

Today I was trying to work out if all of my problems fit the moniker of ‘first world problems’ or if  a lot of them were closer to ‘second world problems’. Which I know is not really a thing, well… Continue Reading →

Darkswords – Nothing is ever ‘Free to Play’

Today’s blog post is going to take a detour down gaming avenue, if you’re not interested in computer games then feel free to come back tomorrow where I will probably be insulting old people or whining like a little bitch… Continue Reading →

How Much Do I Hate You?

Some people seemed slightly disappointed that yesterday’s article Top 10 Reason’s Why You Can Fuck Off was not directly telling them personally why they should fuck off. Thus proving my theory that the only people that would put themselves through… Continue Reading →

Top 10 reasons why you can fuck off

I know I’ve already done a post about why this blog is doomed to fail, but I thought the best way to fulfil this prophecy was repetition so I’m doing another one. I posted my blog on a few websites… Continue Reading →

Financial Advice and a Jizz Proof Suit

Wednesday has rolled around as it seems to do on an almost weekly basis and with it comes my second thrilling antenatal class! Nothing quite like getting a day off work and spending that day in a children’s play group… Continue Reading →

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